India’s ‘No to the Death’ movement is spreading with a vengeance

Jul 28, 2021 Masterpiece

A new movement of Indians calling for “No to Death” is being promoted on social media platforms, as they demand “Stop the murder of the innocent”.

The hashtag #NoToDeath was coined by activists on the social media platform Weibo, with many users demanding that people stop killing innocent people.

“Stop killing innocent children and the elderly.

Stop the murder and the killing of innocent women and girls.

Stop raping and killing innocent women,” one of the Weibo users wrote.

“No, we don’t like violence, we hate violence and murder.

But we also don’t hate innocent people, so stop killing them,” another user added.

One of the groups behind the movement said that “no” was a slogan that was adopted in India in 2016 when a 16-year-old girl was killed by her mother.

The group, named ‘Stop the Murder of the Innocent’, claims that the murder is “un-Islamic, immoral and inhumane”.

“We have no problem with the use of force in defense of one’s life.

The problem is when the innocent are killed by the police and not the police, then the problem is that we can’t say that the police didn’t do it,” a spokesperson for the group told Al Jazeera.

A similar movement called ‘No Trespassing’ has also sprung up on Weibo and Facebook.

“Trespassing is not against any law.

If the person does not have a valid reason, then he cannot enter a house or building.

If he does, then there is no reason for the police to come and search the house or the building,” the group said.

“We don’t want to harm anyone.

We just want to stop the police from killing innocent human beings,” the spokesperson added.

The Weibo page ‘Stop killing people’ in Weibo.

It has also been promoted on Facebook.

A video from ‘No’ supporters that has been widely shared on social networks shows people shouting slogans and urging people to take action.

One user even uses a hashtag that translates to “Stop Killing People”.

It was a recent trend to take down posts from groups with controversial statements.

A group called ‘Stop Murdering Women’ has been called the ‘No-Killing-Woman’ movement by some activists.

“People who support No-Kidding Women will have no problems with us,” a member of the group posted on Facebook earlier this month.

The movement, which has been in existence for a year, has gained popularity on social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and it has been reported to have gained traction in other countries as well.

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