The best books in India without e book’s

Aug 10, 2021 Masterpiece

The best Indian books are being sold without the e book, and not just in the online store.

This week, the book market watchdog launched a pilot programme for book sellers to sell books without the ebook without a digital licence, a move that would ensure they would be legal in India.

According to the website Book India, the programme was launched on Friday, and the move was first spotted by Business Insider.

The online marketplaces have been under fire in recent months over the sale of books without a DRM-free DRM-certified ebook.

Last year, the Indian government banned book sellers from selling books without an ebook.

The move came in response to a complaint filed by a group of booksellers who were being forced to sell without a licence, which they claimed was to “keep India free of DRM-enabled books.”

The group of about 30 bookseller owners are now asking for a licence to sell on the online market.

According the Book India website, the aim of the pilot is to ensure that sellers are not forced to use the DRM-less ebook, which means that they can continue selling books on the market without having to use DRM-required digital devices like the Apple iBook or Kindle.

However, there is a catch.

The aim of this pilot is for the e-book market to work in tandem with the marketplaces.

In order to sell a book without DRM-sanctioned DRM-proofing, book sellers would have to make the purchase on the marketplace, and also register the books with the relevant authorities, such as the local authorities.

However, the online sellers can sell the book without having that process in place.

“The pilot aims to enable sellers to do their best to make sure that they comply with all the relevant requirements of the licensing and licensing regime,” Book India said in a statement.

This move is an attempt to help book sellers keep their business in India, despite the country’s stringent laws and regulations.

The Indian government has already introduced DRM-based restrictions on digital downloads in recent years.

India’s government is yet to respond to a query sent by Business Week on whether it had any plans to enforce the pilot.

The Digital Economy Act of 2015, or the Digital India Act, has a clause that allows the government to impose a licensing scheme to restrict access to the internet, and has been used to restrict the internet use of some government officials.

The legislation does not specify what kind of licensing scheme will be imposed on the ecommerce marketplace, nor does it specify what will happen to books that are sold without a license.

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