‘The Unseen’ by Stephen King is one of the best books of the year: author’s publisher

Aug 12, 2021 Art

I know it may seem like a stretch, but Stephen King has a habit of getting more than his fair share of books right.

And, of course, it’s not all about the writing.

The author is also a prolific author of short stories and poetry, and his latest book, The Unseen, is no exception.

Stephen King, author of The Unforgiven and The Shining series, says he’s ‘been reading a lot’ on The Unwritten in the past few monthsThe Unforgotten is an upcoming novel about a mysterious stranger who appears to be the author’s father, who is working on a book about the mysterious Unforseen, a supernatural being that appears to inhabit a remote corner of the earth.

It’s an idea King has been pondering for years, and he has finally released the first two chapters of the book in a limited edition edition edition.

The book is published by HarperCollins and it’s available in a three-disc set that is limited to 50 copies.

King said that he’s been reading a ton of books on the subject of supernatural beings, and that he has a lot of fun with it.

He explained that he started thinking about the Unforwritten because he loved the books by David Mitchell, and also because he read a lot about the paranormal and the paranormal fiction that he loved as a child.

King said he got to thinking about what he’d love to do with a book like this, and it seemed like it was something that could really be enjoyed by any reader.

King has written other supernatural stories, but The Unshown is the first to be about a supernatural creature that has the ability to travel through time and space, so it’s very interesting to him.

He said that his father is working in the fields, so he’s taking his time with his work, and is a lot into the concept of what he calls ‘The Invisible Man’ and what he refers to as the ‘Darkness.’

King said he’s always loved dark mystery stories, and this one takes place in a haunted house, which he said he would like to explore in the future.

King also revealed that he and his wife are expecting their second child in January.

The Unwritten will be published in English, French, Spanish and Italian by Harper Collins in January and will be available for pre-order on Amazon.

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