How to take a trip to Europe with the Football Italians

Aug 18, 2021 Emotion

The Football Italian is back on the blog this week with an exclusive look at the top 10 favourite football books on offer in the EU.

The Football Italian is one of the biggest Italian football blogs on the web and is often seen as the voice of the Italian game and its fans.

The first time I ever took a football book was when I was about 10.

I remember thinking, “This is what I’ve been missing, football books”.

And I was right, because they are the most important books on the Italian football bookshelves.

There are many great Italian football authors, but there is a definite lack of Italian football fans in Europe.

There is also a huge gap between the level of knowledge and understanding in the Italian media and the level in the mainstream press, which is why the Football Italian has become one of Italy’s most important sources of information about the sport.

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And here is the Football Italians exclusive ranking of the top ten Italian football novels of 2018, in order of popularity.1.

The Three Musketeers by James Joyce2.

La Grande Amour by Michel Foucault3.

The Golden Rule by Michelangelo Antonioni4.

The Black Cauldron by William Faulkner5.

The Godfather by Joe Hill6.

The King and I by Michael Crichton7.

The Last Days of Sodom and Gomorrah by F. Scott Fitzgerald8.

The Master by Philip Roth9.

The White Queen by Jodi Picoult10.

A Visit to the Top by Mark Twain

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