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Sep 27, 2021 Art

A number of books in English and Hindi have been published in the last two decades and the most popular of them are the novels of Raj Kapoor, Kalidasa, and Kalidasansan.

The series has also been the subject of numerous movies and TV series, including Dukka, Bhujbala, Shobha, and others.

In an attempt to identify the titles and their readers, the book and film scholars at the Indian Institute of Science and Technology (IISc) have created a database that can be used to search for the titles in the various editions.

“A book in English is a title that means the title is written by someone who is also an author, and there is a lot of overlap between the two,” said Anand Swaminathan, a professor in the department of Sanskrit, Literatures, and Culture at IISc.

A book written in Hindi is a book written by an author who is not a writer of a Hindi novel.

“The title in Hindi should not be the title of a book in an English translation, as in English, a title is a description of the author’s work, and a book’s title can be a description or an expression of the work,” he added.

IISC researchers found that most of the books in the database, with the exception of the Dukkasansan series, were written by a writer who is neither a poet nor a translator.

There are several books that are written by translators in English that have been collected by IISC.

For example, IIScat has a database of over 100 books by translator.

The database includes more than 100 books written by different translators from India, which is about the same number as the number of translators employed by Indian publishers.

“These books, which were published in different editions, were published before the arrival of the internet and there are no databases that have published books by different authors.

There is no way to identify if they were published by the same translator or by different writers,” Swaminath said.

Some of the titles of the English and Indian authors included in the IIScats database include the works of Lord Ashoka, Lord Rama, the Ramayana, Bhagavad Gita, the Bhagasutra, and the Mahabharata.

The other titles that appear in the databases include titles of famous literary writers like Rumi, Tolstoy, Tolker, and B. G. Sebald.

As a result of this, the database is likely to provide a better insight into the popularity of different literary authors and writers.

But for the authors of books and other works of Indian literature, the databases could also help them identify books and films that they should check out, said Pradeep Kumar, the director of the Institute of History and Social Sciences.

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