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How to Buy a Blue Book eBook for a Big Price

A blue book is a book with lots of images and text and is sold at a price that is much cheaper than most other types of books.

This book will cost you around Rs. 5,000, which is more than half the price of an ordinary paperback.

This is because of the images and the text.

Blue books have a higher price tag because of their images and this is why the cost of the book is higher.

But, you can get this book for less if you buy a discount bundle, which means that you get a discount for a certain price of the bundle. 

In this article, we will tell you how to buy a blue book for a price of Rs. 10,000 and save around Rs 5,500. 

How to Buy Blue Book eBook for Rs.10,000 for a Small Profit in a Small City in India 1.

You can buy a discounted blue book For the above mentioned reason, a discount voucher for Rs 10,00 will save you Rs 5.5,000. 


You can buy the cheapest bundle of books you can find for Rs 20,000 in a large city like Mumbai or New Delhi For those who are looking for a bargain, a blue Book for Rs 5 lakh is a bargain. 


You are allowed to pay more for books that are in black and white You are allowed by the government to buy books in black or white. 

But, there is a catch. 

If you buy books that you don’t like, you will not be able to read them.

So, you may get books that contain objectionable images or text and the government is looking at ways to deal with this. 


Buy a book that is not in black & white If the books you want to buy are in either black or black and whites, you have to buy them in a black & whites book format.

So you have no option but to buy the books in a standard black & whos.

This means that the government has to give you a special licence for it. 5.

Use a discount coupon to buy one of the books If your budget is not large enough for a bluebook, then you may be able save some money by buying a discount. 


Buy the book online If this is the case, then, you are also allowed to buy at least one book from an online store at a discounted price of between Rs. 50,000-Rs.

75,000 on a daily basis. 


Check the delivery date If a book is delayed for more than a month, the government will have to give a reason for the delay and the delay is also counted towards the budget. 


Pay a few fees online The government has given a lot of permission for people to purchase books online, which gives you more options. 


Buy books on a website The best way to buy cheap books online is to buy on a site like Amazon.

There are some drawbacks of buying books online.

One of the drawbacks is that you have not seen the books till the book was delivered to you. 


Buy on Amazon as a gift for a loved one You may not be allowed to make a sale on books on Amazon, so, it is advisable to give away a gift to someone who loves books and wants to read books. 


Buy the books on the internet without the required licence If purchasing books on an online platform, it’s also advisable to make sure that the books are delivered on time.

This can be done by paying a few monthly subscriptions, or by giving away a book. 


Pay the tax online for books purchased on an Amazon platform The taxes are paid by the seller, which in this case is the customer. 


Create a discount code for books  If buying books on online platforms, the seller must give a discount in the form of a discount codes to the customers. 


Use the coupon code to get books You have to create a code for a book on the online platform and then pay the applicable tax amount for the book.

The tax is deducted from the purchase price. 


Use a discount online You should also try to get discounts from Amazon for books bought online. 


Shop online at a discount If it is not possible to buy online, then the best way is to shop online at the discount.

Online shopping gives you the chance to shop at a higher quality online store. 


Save money on books bought from an Amazon India store If books bought at an Amazon store are delayed for a while, then there are other ways of saving money. 


Book at an online shop You could buy books at an offline shop or a local shop and then sell the

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