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Steelers coach Jim Schwartz says he doesn’t believe he’s done enough for the players

The Pittsburgh Steelers coach James Schwartz said Sunday that he isn’t sure he is done enough in terms of making the players feel safe and confident.

Schwartz was speaking at a media event to promote his new book, The NFL Players Book Club, which is being published by Regnery.

Schwarz said he doesn�t believe he is the perfect coach for the current situation, and that he wants to see more of the players and coaches work together to change things.

He said the team needs to be a more positive environment and he wants his players to feel that he is helping them.

Schweartz said the NFL needs to put more emphasis on building the environment and giving people the opportunity to get involved.

He called on the league to allow for more participation by fans.

Schawbs book says the Steelers have taken some important steps in the past year in a bid to change their culture and change perceptions.

He said it is the best he has seen from the organization and a good first step.

Schwaubs book also says the team is doing its best to change its image by making it a more welcoming environment.

The Steelers finished second in the NFL last season in terms, points allowed per game and third in yards allowed per play.

‘E-books for Kindle’ may be ‘in the pipeline’

E-books have come a long way since the days of hardcover books, and there’s a growing push for them to be more accessible to the masses.

Amazon and Barnes & Noble are both working on a plan to make e-books more accessible through Kindle apps and smart devices.

However, it seems like the transition will be slow.

Amazon is already working with publishers on e-book sales, and the company is also working on adding a number of features to its app to make it more user-friendly.

“We want to make our e-reader apps as accessible as our books,” Amazon Chief Operating Officer and former Microsoft CEO Jeff Bezos told The Wall Street Journal.

“There’s a lot of books that people are just not interested in reading.”

And the company seems to be trying to do the same for e-readers.

Amazon said in October that it will begin offering more features for the Kindle apps that would make it easier for people to purchase e-Books through their devices.

The company is already testing a number, like support for Amazon Prime and a Kindle Store where people can purchase books from its catalog.

Amazon has also started offering Kindle Unlimited, which allows people to pay $2.99 per month to access the entire library of books for one year.

The Kindle Unlimited service will start rolling out to customers starting in November, and Amazon will make the service available for free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers starting next month.

For a long time, the company has focused on the Kindle Fire, but that device is getting an overhaul, with the company announcing plans to add a Kindle X to the lineup next year.

With Amazon now bringing more features to the Kindle devices, it looks like it might be pushing the e-reading experience in a new direction.

This article originally appeared on Business Insider.

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