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Three e’s: Three books for children’s book readers

Three e books are the new children’s books, according to a new study. 

The study, which analyzed sales data from the National Book Dealers Association and publishers’ websites, found that three e’s are the bestselling titles of the past year.

One of the three is The Adventures of Bob and Joanna Buckleby, which earned $8.6 million in its first week.

The other two are Alice in Wonderland, which sold $5.6 m in its second week and The Adventures Of Tintin, which took in $5 m in the first week, according the study.

“This is the best start of the year,” said Nancy Haggerty, CEO of the National Book Dealership Association, in a statement.

“Our members are seeing an enormous amount of interest in these titles and are willing to support the sales of these great titles for children and families.”

The study also found that the sales data shows that three of the top 10 bestsellers of children’s fiction in 2017 were e’s, including The Adventures of Bob and Joanna Bucklingbys, which ranked No. 2.

The study found that e’s have the best chance to earn a high ranking in the next year, as they have a strong audience.

“Three of the best-selling e’s this year were from children,” said Michaela L. Gershman, vice president for consumer insights at the National Board of Review, which publishes the National Association of Booksellers.

“They’re in the top 3 of the list.

The reason they’re in there is because they are children’s works that are very appealing.”

Gerslman said that these are the same books that are among the best sellers in the children’s section of Barnes & Noble, the largest independent bookstore chain in the country.

“They are also well known in the children’s publishing world and they are the ones that are able to bring them into the mainstream,” she said.

Gershmen said the e’s that are the bestselliers this year, like The Adventures , have a great deal of readership in the current market, and that readership growth is still in the early stages.

The authors of the e book, however, have their work cut out for them.

Three e’s will be the new top 10, and a number of them will fall to the bottom of the charts, according to the study, but the top e’s include The AdventuresofBob andJoannaBuckleby, Alice in Wonderland,and The Adventures OF Tintine.

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