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‘Dont give up’: Australian mum, father battle depression and grief

A mum and dad battling depression and grieving the loss of their young son have been named the best of 2017.

Key points:A woman who was born with Down syndrome was given the honour by her daughter, who said it was a privilege to be recognisedA man who had cerebral palsy was awarded the title of “hero of the year” by his own daughterThe man, who has since died, was named the “Hero of the Year” for his efforts to help people with autismThe Australian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said the recognition is “deeply moving” to the families of the two men.

The awards are handed out by the society’s national committee on animal welfare and animal welfare issues.

The recipients were born with a rare genetic disorder that affects their ability to walk and speak.

The Australian mother, who is a former police officer, was given her award on Monday by her partner of 25 years, John, who lives in Sydney.

John said he was “so thrilled” with the recognition.

“I can’t even describe how honoured and moved I am,” he said.

“It means a lot to me.”

He’s always been such a wonderful and generous person and I’ve always had such an admiration for him.

“The Australian father, who was also a police officer in his 30s, said he could not have been happier to receive the award.”

To be recognised by our own society for all the hard work we’ve done, to be awarded the ‘Hero of The Year’ is a great honour,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.”

And I know we’ve got the other people that we’ve helped out who are also very grateful.”‘

It’s so rare that it’s given a human name’The awards recognise the work of “people with special needs”.”

It’s just amazing that we can now recognise these people in a way that is humanistic and genuine,” said Helen Smith, the society national committee’s chief executive.”

So it’s so very special.

It’s so, so rare.

“But we have to give credit to all the people in the community who are making the work possible.”

The men were named the ‘hero of year’ by their partner, who wrote about the experience in a letter to ABC Radio’s Today programme.

“We’ve worked on behalf of the community, for our families, for the state government and we’re going to work for them in our work for the future,” she said.

The letter also said the men had made the most of the opportunity to receive recognition, which was “deep and meaningful”.

“John is very proud to be recognized for his incredible work with autism and the many other special needs and disability people in our community,” the letter said.

John was the son of an older man who was diagnosed with cerebral palsys when he was two years old.

“When I was a child, I had the mental health challenges of a normal child,” John said.

He said he often thought of his father as “just another person”, but added that the recognition was “really, really touching”.

“We’re not trying to be anything,” he added.

The award comes at a time when many Australians are struggling with mental health issues.

A new poll released on Wednesday found that almost one in five Australians had a mental health problem, with many of those suffering from depression, anxiety, substance abuse and alcohol dependence.

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