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Why do we hate ebooks? – ebooks

Google News has found that, when asked why people hate e-books, people tend to blame the technology in question.

It’s a sentiment echoed by a new survey that found that more than half of people polled said they hate ebook readers.

But there are more to it than just technology.

A lot of people, the research found, are just not ready to give up their precious e-readers just yet.

“The fact that people don’t have an idea of the benefits of ebooks is a very real issue,” said researcher Alexey Shtokov, a research scientist at Google’s Google X division.

“People don’t want to read ebooks.

But there’s no reason for them to stop reading them.”

E-reader readers have a number of drawbacks, including poor battery life, low contrast, a low battery life for e-book users, and some of the same design flaws that we see in traditional books.

While the new research only looks at people’s reactions to e-reader devices, it’s clear that some people don�t think the technology is worth the headaches.

According to the study, 52 per cent of respondents said they wouldn�t buy an e-ink book. 

The survey asked people what they wanted to buy when they bought an ebook, but many people said they wanted a paperback instead.

The poll also found that people are reluctant to buy an ebook for their kids, who often prefer reading books over the technology.

But the same people also weren�t willing to buy the Kindle for their child, even though they would rather read it to their child.

This is because the Kindle doesn�t offer enough content to satisfy kids, according to the survey.

And if you buy a book from a bookseller and your child doesn�ve an interest in reading, you probably can�t do anything about it.

There are also issues with e-reading for people who have never read a book before.

When asked to list the problems they faced with ebooks, almost two thirds of respondents noted that they didn�t like the way they read.

And many also complained that e-paper books were slow to load on e-device screens. 

While most of the respondents said that they had already read a number at some point, nearly a third said they had never read at all.

The survey also found a strong negative reaction to ebooks as a product for children.

One respondent, for example, said he would prefer to read a novel on his Kindle instead of an ereader.

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