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Trump tweets that the Times should ‘get a life’

President Donald Trump tweeted Monday morning that the New York Times should “get a hell of a life” and that the newspaper should “go to hell.”

Trump, who took office in January, tweeted about the Times in a series of tweets Monday morning, writing that the paper should “disavow its false coverage of me and its phony reporting of my presidency.”

“It is time to get rid of the FAKE NEWS & Dems, and replace it with the real news.

The failing @nytimes is the worst, most dishonest newspaper in the history of journalism!”

Trump wrote.

“@nytimes must get a life!

They are so out of touch!

They have NO REPORTING of me & my Administration!”

Trump also accused the Times of being “in the tank for Crooked Hillary,” adding that “the Times should be ashamed of itself for trying to be taken seriously.”

“They want to run my agenda, and they want to be the voice of the people,” Trump wrote in one tweet.

“Their ratings are at a 30-year low.

They are a joke.”

The president also tweeted about a New York Post story that was based on a source he never met, stating that “it is not true” that he “knows a single Democrat or Democrat-aligned group that received a single dollar from Soros, the billionaire billionaire philanthropist who funds The New York and New Jersey-based organizations that run many of our major news organizations.”

“Just to be clear, it is not the case that I have any knowledge of Soros funding The New Yorkers and New Jerseys groups, nor does he have any contact with them,” Trump tweeted.

“I never met Soros and have never received any money from him.”

“The @nypost is so out-of-touch, so fake, so dishonest, and it’s about to go down in history as one of the worst newspapers of all time,” Trump said in a tweet.

The Times also fired back in a statement to Newsweek.

“The story is false,” the statement read.

“Soros has never funded or worked with The NewYorkTimes, and no one has ever said otherwise.

The NewJerseyTimes.com and its content are 100% factual and accurate.

There is nothing to support the allegation that Soros has funded or otherwise worked with the paper.”

The statement added that the president’s tweet was “a total fabrication” and the paper “has no comment.”

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