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Bookers book shows how a teen is able to save the world

LONDON — Bookers Bookings and BookingE.com have teamed up to show you how a teenager is able at the end of the day to save an entire world, from the very end.

The video, which has been viewed over a million times, was shot over the weekend in London, which is known for its thriving book industry.

The 16-year-old who is featured in the video is a former child star who has gone by the stage name “Dizzy”.

In the video, Dizzy says she has never been more than a child, and that she has no regrets about her life.

In it, she says: “When I was little, my parents said I was too young to do anything.

But I had to be brave and go for what I was born to do.

I always felt like I was being watched.

My mother didn’t want me to be a star, so she never even let me go to the cinema.

But that didn’t mean that I wasn’t proud of who I am.””

I was always going to be the only girl in the class and I was the only one who was always alone.

But that didn’t mean that I wasn’t proud of who I am.”

She goes on to say that as a child her parents encouraged her to follow her dreams and to be different.

Dizzy says:”My parents were always telling me I was beautiful, and to do what I wanted to do and I never wanted to be anything but what I am.

I never felt like the ‘bad girl’.”

I wanted to prove to myself that I was worth the trouble.

“She says she is now a mother and her parents have taken her on trips to the UK and France, to help her with her ambitions.

The video was shot in the UK, where the young woman was filmed speaking to a friend who is a model.

The young actress also appears in the book, “Dizzies Secret”, which is currently in print.

According to the book’s publisher, The Hachette Group, it tells the story of a teenage girl who finds herself in the same situation she did as a teenager.

It also includes excerpts from Dizzy’s own diary.

In the book she writes: “I was scared.

I was a kid, and now I had been there, done that, I had nothing to prove.

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