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The Ohio Book of the Week: An American book that has moved me.

The Ohio book of the week for October 19, 2017 is by Alyssa M. Young.

She’s an Ohio native and a graduate of the University of Akron.

She grew up in the area and has been in the public school system in Akron since 2001.

Alyssah is the author of “The New School,” a collection of short stories, poems and stories.

Her poems and short stories have appeared in publications including The New Yorker, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time and The Washington Times Book Review.

I asked her about what inspired her to write about this time and place, what books she reads, and what books I missed.


Tell me about the story behind the title, “The Ohio Book Of The Week.”

Alyssa: The title was inspired by the fact that in our town, a couple of years ago, we were trying to get people to come out to a book fair, and we had a small book fair that was held in the downtown area.

The fair was held there in July, and there was a huge book fair in the city of Cleveland that year.

One of the books that we got to pick up from that book fair was a book called The Ohio Guide to Happiness, which was by the Ohio State University professor of happiness, Dr. Andrew M. Schmitt.

It was the first book that Dr. Schmid had published on happiness, and it was a very interesting book, and I thought, I’d love to see a book like this, I would like to see this kind of book.

I read it, and then I went to the bookstore and I bought it, but I was like, no, this is too much.

I can’t buy this book, I don’t want to buy this.

So I went into my local bookseller and I found it, it was $4.99, and the first thing that I said to them was, oh, I can get this for free, but if you don’t take my money, then you’re not going to take my book.

So they were kind of surprised, but they were very supportive.

So we did a little search, and they called us back and said, hey, we’d love this book for $1.25, and that’s how I ended up going with it.

And so it became the title.

I think I read a lot of books in high school, I guess, and as I got older I started to read more.

And one of my favorite books was “The Secret Life of Bees,” by Paul Auster.

I remember reading it, like, seven times, and one of the things that he was talking about is bees and honey and everything that goes with honey.

And he says, bees and bees are what make the world go round, and honey is what makes the world stand still.

And I was really intrigued by that.

I had heard about bees and bee colonies, and a lot, I thought they were the most important thing.

And then I read “The Black Widow” by James Baldwin, and his idea of the Black Widow is this very powerful woman that kills people.

And she kills a lot.

And when she does that, the whole world goes round.

And it just really intrigued me about all the different ways that people kill.

And the book “The White Lady” by H.G. Wells.

It’s an American novel.

It tells a story of a woman who has a family of slaves and is going through some very difficult times.

And that was really interesting.

And of course, “Masters Of War” by Robert Heinlein.

Heinlein is really a writer that I’ve known for many years.

And a lot has changed in my life, but one thing that really influenced me was a couple other books.

The first book is a little bit of a long time ago, a little while before I started going to school, and is a novel about a family that is a very long way from the city.

And they have a very big farm, a very large, beautiful farm.

And this is the only farm in the entire state.

And you see the trees that grow on the farm.

The farm is surrounded by woods, and you can see them through the trees.

And in the winter, it’s very cold.

And there’s a lot to do.

And during the winter months, it gets really cold.

So it’s really cold and you’re walking around on the ice, and people don’t really notice it.

So you just walk around in the cold, and suddenly the trees are going to fall on you, and everybody’s getting up and walking around.

And people start to think, maybe this isn’t the best thing to do, but that’s what you do.

It seems like a really good thing to be doing.

But the people who work on the farms don’t seem to notice

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